Booyoung Country Club Golf Tournament – Oct 25, 2015

The Booyoung Country Club Golf Tournament 2015 was organized by Booyoung Country Club to promote their golf course to golfers in Cambodia. The country club is Korean managed herefore it was no surprise that the majority of players were Koreans with a total of 117. The rest of the field consisted of Cambodians and locally living expats to complete the field of 147.

The format was Preoria although questions arise after prizes were announced (in Korean), if there was any kind of format used at all. All together it was a great opportunity for the players to play at Booyoung for the small fee that was asked to join this event. It was a very nice golfing day with a good lunch for the players afterwards.

The course itself was in pristine condition and we are sure that Booyoung left a great impression with the golfers.

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