Siem Reap Booyoung Country Club: a New Range and Hotel

Siem Reap Booyoung Country Club opened its new facilities in August of 2016. It includes a brand new hotel and a state-of-the-art driving range. We made our way to Siem Reap to test out what these new facilities have to offer.

The hotel boast an impressive capacity of 94 modern and stylishly designed rooms with relaxing atmosphere to help you kick back after your round of golf. Each room comes standard equipped with a flat-screen TV, hairdryer, hot/cold water, tea & coffee making station as well as a minibar. A very large swimming pool can be found right next to the entrance of the hotel.

  • Siem Reap Booyoung Country Club: a New Range and Hotel

Perhaps; however, the most impressive part of the new facilities is the fully automated driving range. Using the “Eagle Try” system from Nano Tech, a Korean company that specializes in automated ball management systems for driving ranges who also assisted in the construction of the driving range. The technology is being used in 14 countries worldwide.

After booked in by the beautiful smiling receptionist, you go to your preferred bay and the counter tells you the amount of balls you have. After pressing the start button, the first ball comes up and already on a tee which you can adjust the height, using the higher or lower buttons. As soon as a ball is off the tee, it goes back down and comes up with a new ball, which is ideal for older golfers who prefer not to bend down each time and provides a fun and unique experience for golfers of all ages.

The system works surprisingly quick, as the next ball is already teed up for you next shot before your previous ball can even land properly. The first 50 yards of the range is flat where after it goes up in a slight angle with distance markers. Here the balls are automatically caught and returned back to storage by the system.

The new driving range provide the ideal place to warm up before your round of golf at Booyoung and in combination with the hotel, it makes a perfect place for golf enthusiasts to spend a weekend immersed him/herself in golf.

  • Siem Reap Booyoung Country Club: a New Range and Hotel



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