Cambodia Golf Today Issue 17: July – August 2017

Welcome back to the 17th edition of Cambodia Golf Today, the leading golf magazine in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The SEA Games this year will be at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with golf events to be taken place at the famous Mines Resort & Golf Club. As competition day is quickly approaching, the Cambodian national team is also entering the last stage of their training for the regional sporting event. We met up with Barry Finch, coach of the Cambodian national team, to talk about what he has been doing with the players to prepare them for the competitions ahead.

The origins of golf is still a much debated topic. While it is generally accepted that modern golf was first introduced in Scotland during the 15th century, China may actually have their own case to make in claiming the title of golf’s creator. Chuiwan, an ancient ball and stick game that can be traced back to as early as the year 943 AD, is remarkably similar to golf today. From the rules to the way it was played, it’s hard to argue that there’s no connection between the two sports.

Ever had that one or two holes that just mess up your entire scores, you know those blow-up holes? Of course you have, everybody has. We’ve got some tips for you to avoid having a blow-up hole and keep your score card nice and clean. Read the article inside to find out more.

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Until next time, keep driving straight!

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