Cambodia Golf Today Issue 19: November – December 2017

Welcome back to the 19th edition of Cambodia Golf Today, the leading golf magazine in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

For this issue’s Q&A, we have none-other than Ly Kea, the General Manager of City Golf joining us. As a well-known figure within the Cambodian golf community, Ly Kea is among one of the few people that are trying to make a difference in the community. He’ll be sharing with us his experience of how he started playing golf, his thoughts on the golf industry in Cambodia and its future as well as what he plans to contribute in the development of the game of golf in the Kingdom.

In the West, having caddies to accompany golfers during their rounds is no common practice. Here in Asia, it’s a must for almost every course and they are a vital part of the experience. They do a lot of the hard work and provide great service while still maintaining a smile that will brighten up any golfer’s day. We went out to Garden City Golf Club to talk to two caddies, Thavy and Srey Toeun, in order to find out more about what it’s like being a caddie. Read the article inside to find out more.

We are very excited to have Paul Jansen back with us again. As a well-travelled golf course architect, Paul is fortunate to have been to numerous golf courses around the world and experience the sheer brilliance of what each course has to offer. Southern Asia is home to some of the world’s best golf courses. The region boasts an impressive array of courses that are considered design masterpieces. From the oldest course in Sri Lanka to a gem of a course that is close to the world famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Paul shares his thought with us on some of the most unique and sustainable golf courses in Southern Asia.

Lastly, enjoy reading Cambodia Golf Today and please tell us what you think of the magazine through the contact page of this website.

Until next time, keep driving straight!

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