March 6, 2016 – 4th CGA Championship

4th CGA Championship

On Sunday 6th of March, Cambodia Golf Amateur (CGA) organized the 4th CGA Championship at the Ocean Course of the Dara Sakor Seashore Resort in Koh Kong. This event is the first of four events that CGA has scheduled to set up in 2016.

With the event taking place far away from the capital, round trip transportation was provided to those who prefer not to travel down to Koh Kong by themselves, courtesy from PSD Travel. As soon as everyone gathered at City Golf at 7AM, the bus departed and we were on our way to Dara Sakor Seashore Resort.

About four and a half hours of bus ride later, we finally arrived to the destination. After unloading all the luggage from the bus and checking into our rooms, we had some time to rest up or explore the vicinity of the venue until it’s time for dinner.

At 6:30PM, dinner was served in the huge main hall behind the hotel lobby. With everyone’s stomach filled up, CGA President, Mr. Sim Souyoung, gave a lengthy speech and explanation regarding the missions of CGA and the rules of the competition. After everything was over, everybody went back to their rooms to get some much needed shut eye before the battle in the morning after.

The event this time is different compared to the previous ones. As it is the fourth time that CGA has organized the CGA Championship, players who participated in the previous three events were given their official CGA handicaps while the players who do not have official CGA handicaps yet were to follow the System 36 format.

After a good night rest, the eager golfers got up early to have breakfast and get ready. Although the food wasn’t much, it was enough to fuel everybody for the round ahead. Tee-off officially went underway at 6:30AM once the quick group photo session and a brief review on the rules was done. The prize ceremony and lunch were once again held in the main hall after the round was finished.

In the end, it was Mr. Meas Seng who took up the trophy of gross winner whereas flight A, B, and C for players without handicap were won by H.E. In Chantha, Mr. Andy Booth, and H.E. Khiev Muth respectively.

For players that have their official CGA handicaps, it was Mr. Ly Kea who was crowned the overall winner in the premier category. Flight A’s champion was H.E. Ly Kosal while flight B belonged to H.E. Hem Heng and flight C were awarded to H.E. Long Kem.

Special thanks to the CGA committee for putting in their effort and time to organize this event as well as actively trying to promote the sport of golf and enforcing the rules and etiquettes on the golf courses in Cambodia. We fully support the honorable goals of CGA and we encourage everyone to join and support CGA in the next events.


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