Handicap System Launched by CGF

handicap system

We’re not going to bore you with the differences of handicap systems around the world after a recent announcement made by the R&A and USGA that they have formed a joint committee to develop a single worldwide handicap system. Instead we will be talking about the recent announce from the Cambodia Golf Federation (CGF) that it has made a move to get golfers in Cambodia an official handicap index.

Previously, when a golfer in Cambodia wants to get his own handicap, what he could do is to go through the local membership of Angkor Golf Resort or with a minimum of ten golfers through the Grint app. CGF has adopted a similar way by utilizing truehandicap.com.

“Our main objective is to be able to provide golfers in Cambodia with their own official handicap that is recognized worldwide. A golfer without a handicap is just like a soldier without rank, you don’t know for sure what is his level.” said Chhom Sambo, CGF’s under secretary general and the person in charge of setting up the handicap system. “It also helps reduce the chance of cheating. For example, someone can just say that he doesn’t play well and shoots over 100 but when you get to the course, he shoots around 80. Having your own official handicap makes it easier when playing with other people and provide for a more fair and accurate standard of play as we know everyone’s level.” he added.

To receive your own handicap, first you would need to register with the CGF and pay an annual fee of $20. Once registered, you will receive a username and password to log-in to the system after which you can start to input your scores onto the system by yourself or submit them to the CGF to be processed. After you have submitted five score cards into the system, you will be issued a temporary handicap index that is ready to used. Once you have submitted twenty score cards, you will be issued with a full USGA recognized handicap index.

” All the courses in Cambodia are included in this system and it is fairly easy to use. You can also enter all the playing data such as putting, penalty, GIR, sand save, etc. The system keeps track of all your statistic and it is very useful for you to analyze your performance.” Sambo said.

If you want to register for your own handicap or would like to receive more information regarding the handicap system, please contact the CGF through Mr. Chhom Sambo by email at cgf_info@yahoo.com


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