Titleist Fitting Experience

The Titleist Fitting Experience was recently hosted at City Golf in Phnom Penh and Angkor Golf Resort in Siem Reap. This was a great opportunity to showcase some of the latest products from one of the world’s leading golf manufacturers. In addition, this was a great opportunity for the local golfers to learn more about their own equipment and how ensuring they have the correct equipment for their technique can really improve their game.

Day one was all about the short game, with a focus on wedge fitting using the latest Vokey design wedges where guests could learn about bounce, sole grinds, grooves and yardage gapping. This was followed by the opportunity for the guests to experience the entire line of the latest high performance Scotty Cameron Putters and gain some further knowledge and understanding of how selecting the right putter can actually help you hole more putts. (Of course no actual guarantee).

Vokey Wedge Experience

Selecting the correct wedges for your game can sometime be a little confusing. What does it all mean? Bounce? Sole Grind? Gap Wedge? 54 degree or 56 degree?…The Titleist experts were on hand with myself, Angkor Golf Resort’s Head Professional Alan Martin, to ensure all was explained.
Titleist Experience Bounce (See image 1). When you play your wedge shots, do you take a big divot? If yes, you are classed as a “digger”; therefore, a wedge with high bounce can help you. The opposite if you take very little divot with your wedge shots you would be classed as a “slider” so a low bounce option would be more suited to your technique. A neutral bounce option is also available.

Sole Grind. Depending on your personal preference. Whether you like to play chip or pitch shots with the face open, choosing the correct sole grind can assist you in striking the ball correctly and consistently

Gapping – Titleist brought with them TrackMan (a launch monitor), this records all sorts of information that will be explained later but for the wedges it provides an accurate record of how far you each each club, from that we can ensure you have the correct lofts on your wedges for better distance control when playing to the green. Ensuring you have the correct, length, lie angle, bounce angle, sole grind and loft can all ensure you increase your chances of a consistent centred strike and better distance control.

Scotty Cameron Experience

Guests were able to test different length putters to see how length sets eye position and how having the wrong eye position can influence the stroke. The guest could also experience different neck designs to learn how toe flow helps to produce the ideal arcing stroke.

I recall one guest who was missing most of her putts to the left. We looked at her own heel-toe balanced putter which encourages the toe of the putter to close a little on swing, before and during impact. We gave her a more face balance style of putter with the same shaft length and the results spoke for themselves. The swing path and face position was better and the direction control hugely improved. The combination of correct equipment and tips for the Pro provided instant improved results.

Day two provided a focus on the long game with full fitting options available for Irons, Hybrid, Fairway Woods and Driver.

The TrackMan launch monitor is really a fantastic bit of equipment. The facts don’t lie. It records all the essential information from club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, smash factor, carry distance, overall distance, ball height, angle of attack, path angle, clubface angle. It can also show your shot accuracy and compare the different clubs and shafts that you try providing factual data of what works bets for you. One guest was hitting his own Titleist 7 iron, we noticed from TrackMan, his technique and numbers were good, apart from his smash factor (energy transfer from the club to the ball) which was a little low.

We gave him a different head design to try with the same shaft and instantly, his smash factor numbers improved, leading to a higher ball speed with the same club speed. As a result, he was consistently hitting his 7 iron, 8 to 10 yards further”.

Just remember, the most expensive clubs you will ever buy are those that do not suit you or your technique.

You can find the impressions of the Titleist Fitting Experience here on this page.

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