The 8th Asian Golf Tourism Convention (AGTC), by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), will officially be heading to Siem Reap from 31 March to 3 April 2019.

There were already reports of talks about bringing the AGTC to Cambodia after the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism sent a group of delegates to join last year’s AGTC in the Philippines.

The AGTC is an annual event that provides opportunities for IAGTO member golf resorts, golf clubs, hotels, DMCs and other golf tourism suppliers from across the Asia Pacific, Indian Ocean and Gulf States, to get together with IAGTO golf tour operators from 36 countries, all selling golf vacations to the region.

The two days of Convention activities include 13 hours of one-to-one meetings organized between buyers and suppliers, along with great networking opportunities including the Welcome Reception, Business Lunches, Golf Days and Social Evenings.

All delegates, buyers and suppliers, are invited to participate in two consecutive Golf Days directly after the Convention. Even the Golf Day evenings are left free for members to engage further with each other.

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