Jan 23, 2016 – Leaders of Industries Battle in the Smart Golf Tournament


Earlier in January, Smart once again organized the Smart Golf Tournament. This time marks the third consecutive year that the event is being held with Garden City Golf Club also reprising its role as the venue. Players participated in the invitational competition are all leaders from across different industries in the Kingdom. Cambodia Golf Today were among one of the lucky ones to be invited to join the battle.

After arriving at the clubhouse, we decided to warm up first at the recently opened driving range before making our way to the start. After 25 balls to jog the muscle memory for a good morning of golf, we made our way to the front of the hotel to join the other early birds.

Everyone received a goody bag filled with Smart branded Nike items such as golf balls, cap and arm cooling sleeves. While patiently waiting for the starting signal, we received a bag of pastry, courtesy of Tous les Jours. The planned 7am tee off was slightly delayed, but after a speech with an explanation on the rules and format (Peoria) from Kok Leong Yap, the CMO of Smart, we were ready to start our rounds.

Peoria was the chosen format used in the event. For those of you who are not familiar with this particular format, worry not, we’re here to explain. There are six “secret” holes selected beforehand, which usually involves two of each from the par-3, par-4 and par-5 holes. The selected holes would then be announced after the event. The score from the holes that were chosen are multiplied by 3 and then subtracted by the golf course’s total par (in Garden City’s case, it’s 72). The amount left over is then multiplied by 0.8 and the end result is your handicap for the day which is then subtracted from your total score with a maximum score per hole as double par.

Prizes available on the course included something that we are still anxiously waiting to see someone win, a hole in one prize, this time being an SUV sponsored by MG on hole number 3. Some other prizes were longest drive sponsored by Bangkok Airways and nearest to the line by Heineken.

After a whole morning of friendly golf battle, the ambassador cup went to Colonel Jaafar from the embassy of Malaysia while Sammy Chan and Kelvin Ng were named the main winners in the team competition and are currently in possession of the impressive “big bowl” floating trophy until next year’s competition.

They were not the only ones who went home with something as the generous lucky draw provided every player with a prize to take back such as numerous goods from Huawei, a golf trip to Siem Reap by PSD Travel and the main lucky draw prize of one “3 days trip to Malaysia” sponsored by Play Malaysia Golf.

Smart, we are looking forward to next year`s Smart Golf Tournament.


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