It was on the first day of December at the meticulous grounds of Garden City Golf Club where not the usual sounds of golf clubs clanking against golf balls and the occasional FORE! or BALL! were heard, instead, the course was filled with the sizzling sound of beer cans being opened and happy cheers during the third annual Heineken Golf Championship.

This year’s competition once again utilized a modified Peoria format. The organization of the event, in the hands of the Heineken team and well-known local expat golfer Sammy Chan, was nothing short of smooth sailing. Sadly, Sammy and his family will be departing from Cambodia back to Australia shortly. He is a figure that will be missed in the Cambodian golfing community and we are looking forward to see him back in Cambodia some day in the future and wish him well in all his future endeavors.
Just like the last two events, the turnout was once again a great success with over eighty golfers in the Kingdom which include leading businesspeople and various high profile individuals joining together to compete in this third edition of the Heineken Golf Championship. The participants enjoyed a generous lunch buffet at the Garden City Hotel before making their way toward the buggies to get ready for the group photo and start the competition.

The event was also blessed with great weather condition as cool breeze descended upon the course instead of the usual hot humid air that we are used to getting in Cambodia and along with unlimited ice-cold Heineken beer, it doesn’t get any better than that. After the friendly battle on the golf course was concluded, the celebration continued on at Sokha Phnom Penh Hotel where the gala dinner and prize ceremony were held.

Even though the event was filled with high profile individuals, there was no sign of tension as everyone just enjoyed themselves with the amazing food, great music, ice-cold Heineken beer and the company of each other. In the end, Kim Jong Soo was declared as the winner of the third Heineken Golf Championship after a splendid performance on the golf course.

We would like to applaud the Heineken team and everyone else involved in the organization of the event for a job well done. In the words of CBL’s Managing Director Roland Bala, ‘Mouy! Pi! Bei! Os!’ See you again next year!



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